The Le Petit Flot Concept

Contemporary French casual dining
Concept based on sharing plates and large communal tables
Emphasis on sustainable cuisine practices


The people behind 'Le Petit Flot' are passionate about keeping it real. Real, straightforward, honest food.
We want to let good ingredients speak for themselves and we aren't shy about doing as little as possible to alter the original taste of good, fresh produce.

With ingredients as the star player, our team of chefs try their best to support and bring out the best in each and every ingredient by applying techniques and cooking methods which they deem most suitable.

LES PRODUITS, LA CUISSON, L’ASSAISONNEMENT... the product, the cooking, the seasoning.

This is a philosophy shared by the head chef and her mentor. The idea is that the best-tasting meal one has ever had is not solely because of the quality of the ingredients itself. But with the appropriate cooking method and correct seasoning, it can be very memorable.

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